FreeKB - Configuration on Windows
BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) - Configuration on Windows

The following directions and screen shots are for version 0.1.14 of BUTT. \nFrom the main BUTT GUI, click on the Settings button.

Main Tab > Server

  • Name = Icecast
  • Put the bullet next to Icecast\"
  • Address = get this from the icecast.xml file (ex.
  • Port = get this from the icecast.xml file (ex. 8523)
  • Password = get this from the icecast.xml file
  • IceCast Mountpoint = get this from the icecast.xml file
  • IceCast User = source


Audio Tab (these are just my personal configurations)

  • Audio Device = Default PCM device (default)
  • Channel = Stereo
  • Samplerate = 44100Hz
  • Streaming Codec = MP3
  • Streaming Bitrate = 256k
  • Recording Codec = MP3
  • Recording Bitrate = 256k

Tip: The highert the bit rate, the higher the quality of the audio, however, more bandwidth will be needed to stream the audio. So, you want to pick the highest bitrate you can without there being issues with the audio stream.



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