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Microsoft IIS - Create a new website

Follow these steps to create a new website in IIS.

  1. In IIS, expand the root folder (left panel)
  2. Highlight the Sites folder (left panel) and select Add Web Site (right panel)
  3. In the Add Web Site dialog box, do the following:
    • Enter a name for the new website
    • Enter the physical path where the HTML, ASP.Net, CSS, JS and PHP files will be stored (E:\\
    • In Binding, select the IP address of the computer being used
    • In Hostname, type the name of the website (
    • Select OK

In the left panel of IIS, if your expand the root folder and expand Sites, the newly created website will be listed.

  1. In IIS Manager, expand the root folder, expand Sites, and select the website in question
  2. In the middle, select Default Document. Typically, IIS will list the folowing default documents:
    • Default.htm
    • Default.asp
    • index.htm
    • index.html
    • iisstart.htm
    • default.aspx
    • index.php (if PHP is enabled)
  3. Click the back arrow key once to return to the main page of IIS. On the right, select Explore. This will open the directory where the HTML, CSS, ASP.Net, JS and PHP files are stored.
  4. Ensure the directory contains one of the files that matches one of the default documents.

Note: I prefer to use Notepad++ to create a simple index.html default document.

Enter the URL of the website in a Web browser, and the default document should be displayed.



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