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Icecast - Install on Windows

Follow these steps to install Icecast on Windows.

  1. Download Icecast from
  2. Go to your Downloads folder, and follow the prompts of the Icecast installer

The Default Install Directory for IceCast is C:\\Program Files\\IceCast. In this directory will be a file icecast.xml. Open this file, and make the following revisions listed below:

  • Change the password hackme to something else
  • Change the hostname to your computers domain name or IP address
  • Change the port number to something unique. Don't use 8000, 8080 or 8081, as these are the common, predictable port numbers. Using something random for the port number.

\nIf you get Access Denied when attempting to save this file, it's due to an issue with Permissions. A simple workaround is to save the icecast.xml file to your Desktop, delete the "old" icecast.xml file from C:\\Program Files\\IceCast, and then drag the "new" icecast.xml file into C:\\Program Files\\IceCast.

 <span style="background:yellow">Wisconsin, USA</span>

 <span style="background:yellow"></span>

 <span style="background:yellow">hackme</span>
 <span style="background:yellow">hackme</span>
<br>		<admin-<wbr>password>
<span style="background:yellow">hackme</span>
 <span style="background:yellow"></span>
 <span style="background:yellow">8123</span>

If we click on the Windows Start Icon, in All Programs, locate the Icecast folder, right click on the file Icecast web status (public), and select properties.  By default, the URL will be Change the port number here to be the same as the port number you set in your Icecast.xml file, such as

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