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In this article, we will use an example where we take a clip from a movie and make the clip into an animated GIF. Using monosnap, you can record your screen. To capture the clip you want to make into an animated GIF, you can play the movie on your computer and then record the clip using Monosnap.

Typically a screen capture will capture content before and after the actual clip you want to make into a GIF. Following are the steps on how to eliminate the content before and after the actual clip you want to make into a GIF using CyberLink PowerDirector.

  1. Launch PowerDirector
  2. Press Ctrl Q (or File > Import > Media Files)
  3. Select the MP4 file you created using Monosnap. The file should now appear in PowerDirector.
  4. Drag the video into the bottom area of PowerDirector
  5. Place the playbar where you want to cut the video and press Ctrl T to make a cut
  6. Highlight the before video you no longer need and press Ctrl Del
  7. Repeat for the video you no longer need after the clip
  8. In the top menu of PowerDirector, select Produce
  9. Select AVI and select Start

The AVI file can now be converted to a GIF. There are plenty of websites available to convert an AVI to a GIF.

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