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Create an MMC snap-in in Windows

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The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a great tool for organizing frequently used tools (snap-ins) into a single interface. In this example, we will create an MMC console with a few common snaps-ins.

  1. Open MMC:
    1. If using Windows 10, type mmc in search and select Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
    2. If using Windows 8 or below, select the Windows Start icon, type mmc in search, and select Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
  2. Press Ctrl M (or select File > Add/Remove Snap In)
  3. In Available snap-ins, let's select a few popular snap-ins (such as Device Manager, Disk Management, Performance Monitor) and select Add
  4. In the pop-up box that appears, leave Local computer selected and select Finish
  5. Select OK to close the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog box
  6. Select File > Save as, give the MMC console a name, and select Save


We can now use the tools in our custom MMC console.

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