How to convert Server Core to Minimal Server Interface using PowerShell

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To convert Server Core to Minimal Server Interface:

  1. At the command line, type powershell and press enter to use Windows PowerShell. The command line will display PS (example: PS C:\Windows\System32>)
  2. Type Install-WindowsFeature Server-GUI-Mgmt-Infra -Source wim:d:\sources\install.wim:4 and press enter to install the Minimal Server Interface. If the install is successful, True should be displayed.

Note: You may also want to install GUI windows: Install-WindowsFeature Server-GUI-Shell -Source wim:d:\sources\install.wim:4

  1. The computer will need to be restarted to complete the changes. Type shutdown -r -t 0 and press enter to reboot the machine immediately.


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