FreeKB - Create a virtual hard disk in Windows
Create a virtual hard disk in Windows

To create a virtual hard disk in Windows:

  1. Select the Windows Start icon, type diskmgmt.msc in search, and select Disk Management
  2. Highlight one of the disks
  3. Select Actions > Create VHD (virtual hard disk)
  4. In the Create and Attach Virtual Hard Disk pop-up box, select Browse and choose the location where you want to store the VHD file
  5. In Virtual hard disk size, type the maximum size of the VHD
  6. Select Dynamically expanding
  7. Select OK
  8. A new disk appears in Disk Management. This is the VHD. Right click on the disk and select Initialize disk
  9. In the Initialize Disk pop-up box, select GPT (GUID Partition Table) and select OK
  10. Right-click on Unallocated and select New simple volume
  11. In the New Simple Volume Wizard dialog box, select Next
  12. Keep the default volume size and select Next
  13. Select a drive letter and select Next
  14. At Format Partition, give the volume a label (such as VirtualDisk1) and select Next
  15. Select Finish

The VHD should now appear as a disk in Disk Management and in File Explorer or This PC.


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