Create your first MVC web application in Visual Studio

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Create an MVC application:

  1. Launch Visual Studio and press Ctrl + Shift + N (or File > New > Project)
  2. Select ASP.NET Web Application in your preferred programming language (C# or VB), give the application a name, and select OK
  3. Select MVC and select OK. You can close the Your ASP.NET application tab.
  4. Press Ctrl F5. The default Your ASP.NET application page is displayed. A random port number is used, meaning the site is not using IIS.

Publish the application to local IIS

  1. Select Build > Publish
  2. Do the following in the Publish Web dialog box:
    1. Profile: Select Custom. In the New Custom Profile pop-up box, enter a profile name, such as LocalIIS
    2. Connection:
      • Publish method: File System
      • Target location: C:/path/to/directory
      • Select Next
    3. Settings: Keep all of the default settings
    4. Preview: Publish

The default Your ASP.NET application page is displayed. The URL should be something similar to localhost/MVCtest. Using localhost/MVCtest/Home/Index will produce the same Hello World page.




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