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How to gain access to a computer in your LAN using metasploit armitage

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Let's say you have lost your username and password to one of your Windows computers. Follow these steps to create a new user account so that you can access your Windows computer. This assumes that Metasploit and Armitage are installed on a machine in your LAN (probably Linux Kali).

  1. Ensure Metasploit and Postgresql are active and running
    • service start metasploit
    • service start postregsql 
  2. Select Applications > Exploitation tools > Armitage
  3. In Armitage, select Hosts > Add Host
  4. In the Add Host pop-up box, enter the IP address of the target computer and select OK. The target computer now appears in Armitage.
  5. Right-click on the target computer and select Scan. Wait for scan complete to display. If the target computer has anti-virus, the anti-virus may protect the computer from the scan.
  6. After the scan completes, select Attacks > Hail Mary
  7. In the Really?!? pop-up box, select Yes. If a target machine is not patched, the Hail Mary attack may give you access to the target machine, and a red lightning bolt icon appears in Armitage on the target machine. If the target machine is patch, the Hail Mary attack will display No Sessions.
  8. Assuming the red lightning bolt icon does appear on the target machine, select Armitage > Interact > Command Shell
  9. Issue these command to create a new user account with administrator privileges:
    • net user username password /add
    • net localgroup administrator username /add



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