How to add the advanced tab to the tables pop-up box in CKEditor

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To add the Dialogs Advanced Tab plugin to CKEditor:

  1. Download the Dialogs Advanced Tab plugin from
  2. Go to your Downloads folder, and extract the file.
  3. Move the extracted dialogadvtab_<version> folder to /web/server/root/ckeditor/plugins/.
  4. In the /web/server/root/ckeditor/config.js file, add config.extraPlugins = 'dialogadvtag';. Below is an example of what your config.js file might look like after adding config.extraPlugins = 'dialogadvtab';
CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
  config.extraPlugins = 'dialogadvtab';
  config.toolbar [
  et cetera . . .

Now, when adding a table in CKEditor, the table properties pop-up box will have an Advanced Tab.

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