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How to install TinyCore Linux on a Wyse thin client

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To install TinyCore Linux on a Wyse thin client:

  1. Create a USB flash drive with a TinyCore Linux using Universal USB Installer (UUI).
    • The ISO must be 32-bit, because the Wyse CPU only supports i686.
    • The reason TinyCore Linux is used is because the Wyse thin client has only 1 GB of storage. Common Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Mint, RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora typically a greater than 1 GB.
  2. Connect the USB flash drive to the Wyse thin client.
  3. Press the power button on the Wyse thin client and press Esc to enter BIOS.
  4. When prompted for the BIOS password, type Fireport and press enter.
  5. Under Boot Device, ensure the USB flash drive is the first device in the boot order. Press F10 and press enter.
  6. Select Boot TinyCore and press enter.
  7. At the TinyCore desktop, select the Apps icon.
  8. In the Apps dialog box, select Browse, type tc-install in search, and select tc-install.tcz.
  9. Select Go.
  10. After tc-install.tcz OK is displayed, select the tc-install icon on the desktop.
  11. Enter /mnt/sd**/boot/boot.gz, check frugal, check wholedisk and click the next icon.
  12. Select ext4 and select the next icon.
  13. Select the next icon.
  14. Enter /mnt/sd**/cde/ and press the next icon.
  15. Select proceed.

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September 29th, 2019 by Tony
Good afternoon. I am planning to buy one of these thinclients: https :// the "Extended" option. But need to know if I can install a Linux distro on it (for example TinyCorePlus by following your walkthru, or the procedure does not apply anymore to newer thinclient generations? If that is the case, what can you suggest I should do? I plan to use the machine as an HTPC, so I NEED to get rid of the thinclient's OS and install a "household" :P OS, so any suggestion will be welcome. Thank you for your attention.