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Citrix XenApp - Create Delivery Agent Server

To create a Citrix Delivery Agent Server (XenApp):

  1. Create a new Virtual Machine.
  2. Run AutoSelect.exe.
  3. Next to XenApp, select Start.
  4. Select Delivery Controller.
  5. At Licensing Agreement, select I have ready, understand, and accept the terms of the license agreement and select Next.
  6. At Core Components, tick Delivery Controller, Studio, and Directory, and select Next.
  7. At Features, tick Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP2 and Install Windows Remote Assistance and select Next.
  8. At Firewall, select Automatically and select Next.
  9. Select Install.
  10. Ensure Launch Studio is ticked, and select Finish.
  11. At Welcome to Citrix Studio, select Delivery applications and desktops to your users.
  12. At Introduction, tick A fully configured, production-ready Site, give your site a name and select Next. For this tutorial, let's say the site name is MyExampleSite.
  13. At Databases, tick Create and set up databases from Studio, leave all of the default textboxes, and select Next.
  14. At Licensing, enter the hostname of your License Server followed by :27000 (example - XenDC:27000), select Connect, and confirm that Connected to trusted server is displayed. Select Next.

Note: Ensure port 27000 is open in your firewalls.

  1. At Connection, select No machine management and select Next.
  2. At App-V Publishing, select No and select Next.
  3. At Summary, tick No You can join later and select Finish.
  4. Select Test site configuration. If every test is successful, select Close.


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