How to download and install a free version of Windows Server, SQL Server, and Azure from Microsoft Imagine

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If you are a college student with a valid student email address, you can download and install a free version of Windows Server 2008 and 2012 from the Microsoft DreamSpark website.

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Imagine website.
  2. Select Downloads > Software Catalogs.
  3. Select Download Window Server.
  4. Select Please verify your student status.
  5. Select School Email Address, enter your school email address, and select Submit. An email will be sent to your inbox.
  6. In the email in your inbox, copy the URL and paste the URL into a browser. The webpage should display Verified.
  7. Select Downloads > Software Catalogs.
  8. Select Download Window Server.
  9. Select Download to download Windows Server.
  10. Select Get Key to obtain a copy of your product key.

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