Bootstrap FreeKB - IBM WebSphere - Resolve "HAManager-initiated activation has failed, messaging engine will be disabled"
IBM WebSphere - Resolve "HAManager-initiated activation has failed, messaging engine will be disabled"

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Let's say the following is in the HPEL or SystemOut log when attempting to start your WebSphere network deployment manager (dmgr), node, or application server.

[10/12/17 0:23:19:880 CDT] 0000002a SibMessage    E   [ptaSIB:Example.000-ptaSIB] CWSID0039E: HAManager-initiated activation has failed, messaging engine Example will be disabled. Reason Refer to earlier messages.


As the error implies, you will want to look at the prior events in the SystemOut.log, to determine what caused CWSID0039E. In this example, the connection to the SQL Server database named "db123" is what caused the problem to occur.

[10/12/17 0:23:11:079 CDT] 0000002a SibMessage    E   [ptaSIB:Example-ptaSIB] CWSIS1501E: The data source has produced an unexpected exception: [DataDirect][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Cannot open database "db123" requested by the login. The login failed.DSRA0010E: SQL State = 08001, Error Code = 4,060


Since the cause of the problem was a failed connected to db123 in this example, test the connection to db123.

  1. In the WebSphere admin console, sxpand Resources > JDBC.
  2. Select JDBC providers.
  3. Select the provider.
  4. Select Test connection.

If the test connection fails, contact the DBA.

If the test connection is successful, restart the JVMs.

  1. In the WebSphere admin console, expand Servers > Server Types.
  2. Select Websphere application servers.
  3. Check the application server that should be restarted, and select Restart.


After the application servers have been restarted, check SystemOut.log again, and verify that there is now a successful connection to the messaging engine.

[10/12/17 5:37:50:830 CDT] 0000002d SibMessage    I   [ptaSIB:Example-ptaSIB] CWSIV0777I: A connection to messaging engine Example-ptaSIB for destination sibPTAMailQueue on bus ptaSIB has been successfully created.


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