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Linux Commands - unzip

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The unzip command without any option will extract all of the contents of a zip file to the present working directory.



Unzip to a directory

The -d option can be used to unzip the contents to a specific directory.

unzip -d /path/to/directory


Unzip multiple files

Here is how you can unzip all of the files ending in .zip in the present working directory.

unzip '*.zip'


Permission denied

Let's say you want to unzip the contents of to the /opt directory, and the /opt directory has the following permissions. In this example, only root has permission to write to the opt directory.

drwxr-xr-x. 16 root root 217 Nov 13 00:45 /opt


If you attempt to unzip to the /opt directory, and you are not root, something like this will be returned.

checkdir error:  cannot create /opt/foo
                 Permission denied


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