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Perl (Scripting) - Install a module using cpan

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cpan (this article) or cpanm can be used to install a Perl module.

Before installing a module, you may want to use the perldoc command to determine if the module is installed.

perldoc -l Net::SSH:Perl


Or this command.

perl -MNet::SSH::Perl -e 'print $INC{"Net/SSH/"}'


On a Red Hat Distribution (CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat), the dnf install or yum install command can be used to install cpan.

dnf install perl-CPAN


Start the cpan interactive prompt.



Then, use the install module_name (or force install) command to install a module. In this example, the SSH module is installed.

cpan> install Net::SSH::Perl


If the install fails, you can try with the force option.

cpan> force install Net::SSH::Perl


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