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IBM WebSphere - Resolve "runConfigActions script execution failed"

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"runConfigActions script execution failed" may be returned when attempting to issue the (Linux) or startManager.bat (Windows) command to start the Network Deployment Manager (dmgr).

~]# ./
runConfigActions script execution failed. Exit code 1


This error typically occurs when attempting to start the dmgr as a user that does not have the Administrator or Operator role. If you are not familiar with roles in WebSphere, check our our roles article.

Additionally, if the partition that contains the WebSphere files, such as /opt/IBM/WebSphere (Linux) has run out of disk space, you may get "runConfigActions script execution failed". The df -h command can be used to determine how much space is being used by WebSphere. In this example, the /opt directory has run out of available space.

df -h

Filesystem                 Size  Used  Avail Use%  Mounted on
/dev/mapper/rootvg-lv_opt  5.9G  5.9G  0.0G  100%  /opt


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August 01 2019 by Nagaraju
This might also cause due to lack of space : Check df -h on linux .. If the WAS user directory is full , then clean up .

August 01 2019 by Jeremy (moderator)
Thanks a bunch for sharing this Nagaraju. I updated this article with your tip.

October 08 2020 by fazil
you are absolutely correct! I could resolve by reading your blog

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