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Perl (Scripting) - Random number generator (rand)

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The rand function can be used to print a random number in Perl.

print rand();


This will print something like this.



Set highest possible number

By default, the rand function without any options will print 0 followed by a decimal. Placing an integer inside of the parenthesis will tell the rand function to print an integer that will not exceed the value inside of the parenthesis. For example, if 10 is placed inside of the parenthesis, rand will print an integer somewhere between 0 and 10.

print rand(10);


In this example, the non-decimal integer is 7.




Whole number / No decimal

To only print whole numbers with no decimal, use the int override. In this example, a whole number between 0 and 1000 will be printed.

print int(rand(1000));


361 was printed.



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