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IBM WebSphere - Resolve "Conflict detected on port"

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Let's say the following is in the HPEL or SystemOut log when attempting to start your WebSphere network deployment manager (dmgr), node, or application server.

ADMU3028I: Conflict detected on port 12345.  Likely causes: a) An instance of
           the server AppSrv01 is already running  b) some other process
           is using port 12345


Notice in this example that the name of the instance is AppSrv01, and this instance may already be running. On a Linux system, the ps command can be used to determine if AppSrv01 is running. If the ps command returns output, this means that the instance is up and running.

~]# ps -ef | grep AppSrv01
wasadmin 73822      1  5 22:11 ?        00:01:07 /opt/WebSphere/AppServer90/java/8.0/bin/java


Notice in this example that the conflict is with port 12345. The netstat command can be used to determine if the port is currently in use. If the netstat command returns output, this suggests that the port (12345 in this example) is already in use by some other program. 

In this scenario, you may need to update the port being used by your WebSphere application server, deployment manager (dmgr), or node agent.

~]# netstat | grep 12345
Proto  Recv-Q  Send-Q  Local Address                 Foreign Address                State
tcp         0       0      TIME_WAIT


Or, if the port is being used by some rouge process, the kill command (on a Linux system) can be used to kill the process using the port.

kill -9 12345


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