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IBM WebSphere - Resolve SocketTimeoutException

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A SocketTimeoutException can occur when performing a variety of different tasks in WebSphere, such as when attempting to synchronize a node to a dmgr, running a wsadmin script, or configuring the IHS web server plugin, just to name a few.

[SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Client; msg=Read timed out; Read timed out] 


A socket timeout exception is almost always associated with a SOAP connection. The socket timeout period is set in the ${was_install_root}/profiles/your_profile/properties/soap.client.props file. By default, the timeout is set to 180 seconds (3 minutes).


If the task you are performing is indeed taking longer than 3 minutes, you can increase the SOAP timeout, and then restart the cell for the change to take effect. If you continue to get a socket timeout exception, then there are other things that may be causing the socket timeout exception. Following are some things to consider.

  • Ensure the correct SOAP port is being used.
  • Ensure there isn't a SOAP port conflict.
  • If the action you are performing is using hostnames, such as, ensure the hostname is able to resolve to an IP address. If not, check DNS.

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