Bootstrap FreeKB - mySQL / MariaDB - display a users privileges using SELECT mysql.users
mySQL / MariaDB - display a users privileges using SELECT mysql.users

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This assume you are able to log into your MariaDB or mySQL server or you have configured passwordless authentication and will be using the -e command line option. The SELECT statement can be used to view a users privileges.

 mysql -e "select * from mysql.user \G"


Something like this should be returned. In this example, 'john.doe'@'localhost' only has the SELECT privilege.

                  Host: localhost
                  User: john.doe
              Password: *abc123
           Select_priv: Y
           Insert_priv: N
           Update_priv: N
           Delete_priv: N
           Create_priv: N
             Drop_priv: N
           Reload_priv: N
         Shutdown_priv: N
          Process_priv: N
             File_priv: N
            Grant_priv: N
       References_priv: N
            Index_priv: N
            Alter_priv: N
          Show_db_priv: N
            Super_priv: N
 Create_tmp_table_priv: N
      Lock_tables_priv: N
          Execute_priv: N
       Repl_slave_priv: N
      Repl_client_priv: N
      Create_view_priv: N
        Show_view_priv: N
   Create_routine_priv: N
    Alter_routine_priv: N
      Create_user_priv: N
            Event_priv: N
          Trigger_priv: N
Create_tablespace_priv: N
   Delete_history_priv: N


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