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IBM WebSphere - Synchronize a node - Partial sync

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If you are not familiar with synchronization, check out our Getting Started article.

With a partial synchronization, only files that the deployment manager thinks have changed will be synchronized. A partial synchronization takes less time than a full synchronization.

  1. In the WebSphere admin console, expand System administration.
  2. Select Nodes.
  3. Check the node that you would like to sync, and select Synchronize.

After selecting Synchronize, message "successfully initiated synchronization" should be displayed.


The managed node can also be synchronized using the (Linux) or syncNode.bat (Windows) command. You will run this command from the server that contains the node that you want to sync with the deployment manager.

In this example, "" is the hostname of the deployment manager, and 8879 is the SOAP port of the deployment manager. 8879 is the default SOAP port.

~]# was_home/AppServer/profiles/your_profile/bin/ 8879
ADMU0116I: Tool information is being logged in file
ADMU0128I: Starting tool with the your_profile profile
ADMU0401I: Begin syncNode operation for node your_node with Deployment
           Manager 8879
ADMU0016I: Synchronizing configuration between node and cell.
ADMU0402I: The configuration for node your_node has been synchronized
           with Deployment Manager 8879


The node can also be synchronized using the wsadmin command. In this example, a variable named myNode which is associated with Node01, and then the node is synchronized.

# Jacl
set myNode [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=NodeSync,process=nodeagent,node=Node01,*]
$AdminControl invoke $myNode sync

# Jython
myNode = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=NodeSync,process=nodeagent,node=Node01,*')
AdminControl.invoke(myNode, 'sync')


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