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Introscope - Determine Version

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When you want to determine the version of Introscope, it's first important to keep in mind that there are various pieces that make up Introscope. Generally speaking, the main players are:

  • The Manager of Manager (MoM) server
  • The Collector servers
  • The Agent (such as agent.jar) that is used to monitor an application server
  • Workstation (Java client application installed on a users PC)
  • Web Start (the web browser varition of workstation)

Manager of Manager (MoM) version

If the MoM is running on a Linux distribution, the following command can be used to get the version from the IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log file.

grep Build /opt/wily/Introscope/wily/logs/IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log


Which should return something like this.

9/06/20 12:20:48 AM CDT [INFO] [Manager] Introscope Enterprise Manager Release (Build 991603)


Agent version

On each agent (typically JVMs being monitored by Introscope), the following file will control how the agents are configured.



In the IntroscopeAgent.profile file, there are two main agent log files, autoprobe.log and IntroscopeAgent.log.




The autoprobe.log file will contain the version, something like this.

# CA Wily Introscope(R) Version Build 991603


Workstation version

In Workstation, select Help > About CA Introscope Workstation, and a pop-up box with the version of Workstation will be displayed.



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