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IBM Portal - Define the WebSphere Password (WasPassword) in Workplace Properties file (

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By default, the workplace properties file ( is located at the following directory on a Linux system.

/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<your profile>/ConfigEngine/properties/


The WasPassword directive in the file is used to define the WebSphere admin password that will be used when the script attempts to authenticate.



The soap.client.props file . . .

/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<your profile>/properties/soap.client.props


Should contain the same password, in cleartext.


Or, in XOR encrypted format. If the password is XOR encrypted, java can be used to decode the XOR password.{xor}CmcYbTc1aSVvJy5tEmc


If the PWordDelete directive is not included in the file, or if the PWordDelete directive is set to true, after invoking the script, the WasPassword directive in the file will be updated to ReplaceWithYourPwd, like this. If the PWordDelete directive is set to false, the WasPassword directive in the file will retain your password. It is typically recommended to not include the PWordDelete directive, so that the WasPassword directive in the gets updated to ReplaceWithYourPwd after the script has been used.



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