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Introscope - IntroscopeAgent.profile autoprobe

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Metrics is data that is gathered from an agent. Typically, an agent is an application server, such as:

  • a JBoss application server
  • a Tomcat application server
  • a WebSphere application server

For example, some possible metrics are:

  • the agents memory usage
  • the agents CPU utlization
  • the agents garbage collection



ProbeBuilder Lists (PBL) files are used to gather data (metrics). There are a number of different PBL files that can be used. Notice there are both full and typical PBL files. Full will gather more data but could impact performance. Typically will gather less data.



On each server that contains agents, the /opt/wily/Introscope/core/config/IntroscopeAgent.profile file contains the configuration for all of the agents on the server. In the IntroscopeAgent.profile file, introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile is used to define the ProbeBuilder Lists (PBL) file that will be used. If you make a change to this directive, the application servers being monitored will need to be restarted for this change to take effect.

introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile=default-typical.pbl, hotdeploy


In the IntroscopeAgent.profile file, there are two main agent log files, autoprobe.log and IntroscopeAgent.log.




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