Bootstrap FreeKB - RabbitMQ - Listing channels using the rabbitmqctl list_channels command
RabbitMQ - Listing channels using the rabbitmqctl list_channels command

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A channel is created for each unique connection from a client system to RabbitMQ.


The rabbitmqctl command with the list_channels option can be used to list all of the current channels.

rabbitmqctl list_channels


Something like this should be returned.

~]# rabbitmqctl list_channels
Listing channels
pid                          user       consumer_count  messages_unacknowledged
<rabbit@server001.3.2404.0>  john.doe   0               0
<rabbit@server001.3.2408.0>  jane.doe   0               0
<rabbit@server001.3.7738.0>  jack.doe   1               0


The name and user options are commonly used to display the IP address and ephemeral port that the connection came from (source) and the IP address and AMQ port of the RabbitMQ system. In this example, the connections came from the IP addresses and the RabbitMQ system has IP address with port 5671 for AMQ connections.

~]# rabbitmqctl list_channels name user -> (1)    john.doe -> (2)    jane.doe -> (1)    jack.doe


Here are all of the possible options.

  • acks_uncommitted
  • confirm
  • connection
  • consumer_count
  • global_prefetch_count
  • messages_unacknowledged
  • messages_uncommitted
  • messages_unconfirmed
  • name
  • number
  • prefetch_count
  • transactional
  • user
  • vhost

The --formatter json option can be used to return the output in JSON.

rabbitmqctl list_channels --formatter json


Lisewise, events like this should be found in the RabbitMQ log for each channel connection.

2022-01-11 22:59:05.838 [info] <0.2445.0> accepting AMQP connection <0.2445.0> ( ->

2022-01-11 22:59:06.120 [info] <0.2445.0> connection <0.2445.0> ( -> user 'jack.doe' authenticated and granted access to vhost 'foo'

2022-01-11 22:59:13.869 [info] <0.2445.0> closing AMQP connection <0.2445.0> ( ->, vhost: 'foo', user: 'jack.doe')

2022-01-11 22:59:13.871 [info] <0.2466.0> Closing all channels from connection ' ->' because it has been closed


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