Bootstrap FreeKB - Venafi (Certificate Management) - vagent list configuration settings
Venafi (Certificate Management) - vagent list configuration settings

The vagent command with the -l or --list option can be used to display the configuration settings of vagent.

/opt/venafi/agent/bin/vagent --list all


Something like this should be returned.

Venafi Agent compiled in settings:
install-dir      /opt/venafi/agent
work-dir         /var/opt/venafi/agent

Available VED Agent Modules:
    Venafi Agent (vagent)
    VED Agent KeyStore Scanner Library (ksscanner)
    VED Agent Log Deliver Library (logdeliver)
    VED Agent DevOps Module (devops)
    VED Agent SSH Provision Library (sshprovision)
    VED Agent KeyStore Provisioning Library (ksprovision)
    VED Agent SSH Discovery Library (sshdiscovery)

Module VED Agent Log Deliver:
    packet_log                Disabled

Module Venafi Agent:
    report_type               INTERVAL_HOURS
    report_step               1
    report_start              7
    report_random             5
    logging                   Info
    logging_facility          Daemon
    event_row_count           50000
    vacuum                    After
    reserved_freespace        50
    registration_password     ********
    rolling_code              root:In Use
    crl_checking              Disabled
    log_communications        Enabled
    certificate_security      Disabled
    client_id                 root:Client+Default:11:1674
    checkin_delay             0
    heartbeat_interval        0


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