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RabbitMQ - Grant user permissions using the REST API

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This assumes you have created a RabbitMQ user with the administrator tag.

Refer to the RabbitMQ REST API documentation.

The curl command with the --user option can be used to make an API connection to RabbitMQ. In this example, John Doe is granted full access to virtual host vhost001. If the virtual host is / (just the forward slash), you will need to use %2F instead of /.

--user john.doe:itsasecret
--header "content-type:application/json"
--request PUT
--data '{"configure":".*","write":".*","read":".*"}'
--write-out "%{http_code}"
--url http://server001:15671/api/permissions/vhost001/john.doe


If the request is successful, HTTP response code 204 should be returned.



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