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RabbitMQ - List nodes using the REST API

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This assumes you have created a RabbitMQ user with the administrator tag.

Refer to the RabbitMQ REST API documentation.

The curl command with the --user option can be used to make an API connection to RabbitMQ. In this example, John Doe will make a connection to the RabbitMQ server listening on port 15671 and then list the nodes in the cluster.

--request GET
--user john.doe:itsasecret
--url http://hostname:15671/api/nodes


Or, the details of a single node can be returned.

--request GET
--user john.doe:itsasecret
--url http://hostname:15671/api/nodes/node001


A significant amount of JSON will be returned. Here is but a few of the commonly used key value pairs that should be returned.

"config_files": [
"disk_free": 18552123392,
"enabled_plugins": [
"mem_limit": 4963865395,
"mem_used": 102375424
"name": "node001",
"net_ticktime": 120,
"running": true,


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