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Perl (Scripting) - Install a module using cpanm

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cpan or cpanm (this article) can be used to install a Perl module.

Before installing a module, you may want to use the perldoc command to determine if the module is installed.

perldoc -l Net::SSH:Perl


Or this command.

perl -MNet::SSH::Perl -e 'print $INC{"Net/SSH/"}'


On a Linux system, apt-get (Debian, Ubuntu), dnf or yum (CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat) can be used to install cpanm.

dnf install cpanminus


Here is how you would install a module using cpanm.

cpanm the::module


For example.

cpanm JSON::Create


A successful install of a module that is not already installed will return the following.

Successfully installed module::name-version


A successful update of an already installed module will return the following.

module::name is up to date. (version)


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