Bootstrap FreeKB - RabbitMQ - Health check virtual hosts (rabbitmq-diagnostics check_virtual_host)
RabbitMQ - Health check virtual hosts (rabbitmq-diagnostics check_virtual_host)

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The rabbitmq-diagnostics check_virtual_hosts command can be used to perform a simple health check of the virtual hosts.

rabbitmq-diagnostics check_virtual_hosts


Usually, something like this will be returned.

Checking if all vhosts are running on node rabbit@server001 ...
Node rabbit@server001 reported all vhosts as running


However, if one or more virtual hosts are not running, something like this should be returned. In this example, the default / (forward slash) virtual host and the foo and bar virtual hosts are not running. In this scenario, you can try to start the virtual hosts using the rabbitmqctl restart_vhost command.

Some virtual hosts on node rabbit@server001 are down:


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