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IBM WebSphere - Display SSL Configuration using wsadmin

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If you are not familiar with (Linux) / wsadmin.bat (Windows), check out our Getting Started article.

The following wsadmin AdminConfig command can be used to list each SSL Configuration in a cell. This example uses the jython language.



Which should return something like this.

alias: CellDefaultSSLSettings managementScope: (cell):myCell01 
alias: XDADefaultSSLSettings managementScope: (cell):myCell01
alias: NodeDefaultSSLSettings managementScope: (cell):myCell01


Then getSSLConfig can be used to display the settings of an SSL Configuration.

AdminTask.getSSLConfig('[-alias NodeDefaultSSLSettings -scopeName (cell):myCell01]')


Or like this.

AdminTask.getSSLConfig(['-alias', 'NodeDefaultSSLSettings', '-scopeName', '(cell):myCell01'])


Something like this should be returned.

 [alias NodeDefaultSSLSettings]
 [type JSSE]
    [keyFileName ]
    [keyFilePassword ]
    [keyFileFormat JKS]
    [clientKeyAlias ]
    [serverKeyAlias ]
    [trustFileName ]
    [trustFilePassword ]
    [trustFileFormat JKS]
    [clientAuthentication false]
    [securityLevel HIGH]
    [enableCryptoHardwareSupport false]
    [enabledCiphers ]
    [jsseProvider ]
    [clientAuthenticationSupported false]
    [sslProtocol SSL_TLSv2]
    [cryptoHardware ]
    [properties [
      [value 0]
      [description ]
      [required false]
      [validationExpression ]
      [_Websphere_Config_Data_Id cells/myCell01|security.xml#Property_1455135140659]
      [_Websphere_Config_Data_Type Property]
   [keyStore NodeDefaultKeyStore(cells/myCell01|security.xml#KeyStore_1455135140657)]
   [trustStore CellDefaultTrustStore(cells/myCell01|security.xml#KeyStore_2)]
   [trustManager IbmX509(cells/myCell01|security.xml#TrustManager_1)]
   [keyManager IbmX509(cells/myCell01|security.xml#KeyManager_1)]
   [_Websphere_Config_Data_Id cells/myCell01|security.xml#SecureSocketLayer_1455135140657] 
   [_Websphere_Config_Data_Type SecureSocketLayer] ]
 [managementScope (cells/myCell01|security.xml#ManagementScope_1)]
 [_Websphere_Config_Data_Id cells/myCell01|security.xml#SSLConfig_1455135140657] 
 [_Websphere_Config_Data_Type SSLConfig]
 [_Websphere_Config_Data_Version ]


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