Bootstrap FreeKB - Ansible - Set Amazon Web Services (AWS) Profile Configurations
Ansible - Set Amazon Web Services (AWS) Profile Configurations

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If you are not familiar with modules, check out Ansible - Getting Started with Modules.


command can be used to set your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Profile Configurations, something like this.

- name: aws profile setup play
  hosts: all
  - name: setup aws profile configurations
    command: "{{ item }}"
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set region us-east-1 --profile johndoe
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set default.region us-east-1
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set default.output json
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set output json --profile johndoe
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set default.aws_secret_access_key ABCDEFG123456789ABCDEFG123456789
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set aws_secret_access_key ABCDEFG123456789ABCDEFG123456789 --profile johndoe
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set default.aws_access_key_id ABCDEFG1234567890
    - /usr/local/bin/aws configure set aws_access_key_id ABCDEFG1234567890 --profile johndoe


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