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Create a simple Java app in LinuxFundamentalsAnnotationsAuthenticationContext RootCookiesForm data (POST GET)if elsif else statementsImport a class or bean into a JSP pageJSP extensionSQL selectSystem.out.printlnUse a class in a Java Archive (JAR)Use classes in a JARWhat is a process and what is a thread in Java on LinuxJSTLJSTL date formatJSTL if else statements using c:choose c:when c:otherwiseJSTL if statements using c:if testJSTL Loop through an array using c:forTokenJSTL Session IDJSTL SQL countJSTL variable using c:set and c:outLoggingLogConfig.xmlTerminologyUnderstanding beansUnderstanding classUnderstanding classpathUnderstanding constructorsUnderstanding methodsUnderstanding Public Private ProtectedUnderstanding variablesTroubleshootingResolve "No suitable driver found for jdbc/mySQL"