FreeKB - Bio

I Love Linux

It should come as no surprise that I love me some Linux. I created this web site as a way to collect and organize my notes on how to do something in Linux. I did not originally plan to create a Linux knowledge base. This kind of developed naturally. As I progressed with Linux, learning more and more, and started to tutor Linux at the community college, and take Linux certification exams, and get a job as an engineer in a Linux environment, I started to get quite a large collection of Linux articles.

My Wife

My wife, Natalie, is a lovely creature. She really loves cats, and is a huge sports fan. Our favorite player is LeBron James, but she tends to like the underdog players, such as Anderson Varejao. I proposed marriage to her in Key West, Florida, at a quaint nature trail. That was fun!

My Boy

This is Winston, my boy. Before he was born, I really wanted him to be a good student, to be educated, and find a job he really loves. I think this is because I had such a hard time as a young man, and like all parents, I don't want him to suffer like I did. However, shortly after he was born, I came to realize that I want him to be his own man. I still will do good, and try to help him make good decisions. But at the end of this day, he is his own man. I guess I just really want him to be independent.


I grew up listening to metal, in the 1990s. I started with some really well known bands: Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Anthrax. I learned to play the guitar, and then I next got into black metal, which is metal at an extremely fast tempo. After listening to metal for 10 years, I started to get interested in other genre's, such as prog rock. Rush is certainly the first progressive band I really started to dig, but Frank Zappa became my favorite. Recently, I've been exposed to drone doom, with is extremly slow and extremly loud. It's good to always progress.

A Band of One

FreeKB is my brainchild. I am located in the state of Wisconsin in the USA. I love to learn new things - I think brains are pretty cool, especially when put to good use. Feel free to email me if you would like to get in touch. My email address is - Jeremy Canfield