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Citrix XenApp - Create Delivery Group

To setup a Delivery Group in Citrix Studio, do the following on the Delivery Controller:

  1. In Citrix Studio, select 3 Set up Delivery Groups to assign desktops and applications to your users.
  2. At Introduction, select Next.
  3. At Machines, increase the Delivery Group to 2 (one for each Virtual Delivery Agent) and select Next.
  4. At Delivery Type, tick Applications and select Next.
  5. At Users, select Add, add one or more users, and select Next. It is common to add the Active Directory groups instead of individual users, so that all group members can access the applications.
  6. At Applications, tick the applications you would like added to the Citrix Receiver StoreFront, and select Next.

Note: If applications that you want are not listed, select Add applications manually. File Explorer will connect to your VDA servers, and you can then locate the application on the VDA server. If the application you want to use is not listed, install the application on your VDA servers.

Note: It may seem strange to add multiple groups and multiple applications to a single Delivery Group. After the Delivery Group is created, you can assign certain applications to certain groups.

  1. At StoreFront, tick Manually using a StoreFront server address that I will provide later and select Next.
  2. At Summary, give your Delivery Group a name, such as MyDeliveryGroup, and select Finish.

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