Linux Commands - pr (format file for printing)

The pr command is intended to format a file for printing. For example, let's say the file named foo.txt has the following content.

Hello World
How are you today?


The PR command has a number of options to format the file. -n numbers the list, and -h adds a header named "Greetings".

pr -n -h "Greetings" foo.txt > bar.txt


Before printing, you may want to use the lpstat or lpc commands to list the available printers.

There are a few different commands that can be used to sent print jobs to the printer.

  • lp (Line print)
  • lpr (Line print request)
  • lpd (Line print daemon)

The lpq command can be used to view and cancel print jobs in the print queue. The lprm command can be used to remove print jobs.

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