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How to update the public certificate in Avaya CMS

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The following steps will result in the creation of 3 new files:

  • /opt/avaya/ctiengine/certificates/certificate.crt
  • /opt/avaya/ctiengine/certificates/tomcat.p12
  • /opt/avaya/tomcat7/conf/tomcat.jks


Shutdown the Tomcat server.

[avaya@~ ]# $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/


Stop the web socket server and the AES logger service.

[avaya@~ ]# /opt/avaya/ctiengine/./websocketserver stop
[avaya@~ ]# /opt/avaya/ctiengine/./aesloggerservice stop


Rename the current certificate to certificate.crt_old_month_year

[avaya@~ ]# mv /opt/avaya/ctiengine/certificates/certificate.crt certificate.crt.old_month_year


Rename the current tomcat.jks file to tomcat.jks_old_month_year

[avaya@~ ]# mv $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/tomcat.jks tomcat.jks.old

Upload the new certificate.crt file.

[avaya@~ ]# cd /opt/avaya/ctiengine/certificates
[avaya@~ ]# wget


Get the current password from the /opt/avaya/conf/server.xml file.

[avaya@~ ]# cat /opt/avaya/conf/server.xml | grep keystorePass


Create the tomcat.p12 file. Use the password in the /opt/avaya/conf/server.xml file.

[avaya@~ ]# openssl pkcs12 -export -in certificate.crt -inkey private_key.pem -out tomcat.p12
password: ******
password: ******


Create the tomcat.jks file, using the password in the previous step.

[avaya@~ ]# /opt/avaya/tomcat7/jre1.6.0_32/bin/keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore tomcat.p12 -srcstoretype PKCS12 -destkeystore tomcat.jks -deststoretype JKS
Enter destination keystore password: *******
Re-enter new password: *******
Enter source keystore password: *******


The /opt/avaya/conf/server.xml file should be configured to list keystoreFile="/opt/avaya/tomcat7/conf/tomcat.jks". Move the new tomcat.jks file to /opt/avaya/tomcat7/conf/.

[avaya@~ ]# mv tomcat.jks /opt/avaya/tomcat7/conf/


Start the Tomcat server.

[avaya@~ ]# $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/


Ensure the Tomcat server can be initialized. The command will produce quite a bit of output. The last line should be INFO: Initialization processed in n ms.

[avaya@~ ]# $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/
. . .
INFO: Initialization processed in n ms


Start the web socket server and AES logger service.

[avaya@~ ]# /opt/avaya/ctiengine/./websocketserver start
[avaya@~ ]# /opt/avaya/ctiengine/./aesloggerservice start


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