How to download and install Puppet Agent on Linux

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After your Puppet Master server is installed, you will next want to install Puppet Agent on computers that you want to manage using the Puppet Master.


If the operating system of the agent is exactly the same as the Puppet Master server, issue the following command on the agent.

[john.doe@server1 ~]# curl -k | sudo bash


If the above fails, download and install the Puppet Collection 1 repository from In this example, the EL 7 release is installed.

[john.doe@server1 ~]# rpm -Uvh


Use apt-get or yum to install puppet-agent.

[john.doe@server1 ~]# yum install puppet-agent


Enable Puppet, start Puppet, and ensure Puppet is active and running.

[john.doe@server1 ~]# systemctl enable puppet
[john.doe@server1 ~]# systemctl start puppet
[john.doe@server1 ~]# systemctl status puppet


Issue the following command to request a certificate from the Puppet Master. Do not be too concered if Exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled is displayed.

[john.doe@server1 ~]# puppet agent --test
Exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled


In the left panel of Puppet Master, select Nodes. Select Unsigned Certificates. There should be a request from the Puppet Agent. It may take some time for the request to appear. In this example, there was a request from a Puppet Agent with hostname, and the request was approved.


In a few minutes, the Puppet Agent should show in Inventory. In this example, the Agent with hostname now appears in inventory.


This will create a certificate on the Puppet Agent, in the  /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/certs/ directory. In this example, the name of the certificate will be The following command can be used to verify that the fingerprint of the certificate on the Puppet Agent matches the fingerprint of the certificate on the Puppet Master.

[john.doe@server1 ~]# puppet agent --fingerprint
(SHA256) 96:09:68:1F:F0:D6:00:97:DD:F7:FE:48:09:B3:E3:C7:92:54:BB:CF:7C:95:33:D2:CC:4C:26:85:58:CE:C0:DC


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