FreeKB - Change the port being used by an application server
Mule - Change the port being used by an application server

In wrapper.conf

It almost always makes the most sense to update the HTTP / HTTPS port being used by Mule in the wrapper.conf file, instead of in AnyPoint. The -Dmule.mmc.bind.port option is used to set the HTTP port being used by Mule.


The -Dsd.port option is using to set the HTTPS port.


In AnyPoint

The default port used by a Mule HTTP application is 8081. 

  1. In Mule, select the HTTP connector.
  2. Next to Connector Configuration, select the Edit icon.


  1. Enter your perferred port. In this example, port 12345 is used.


  1. You will now be able to access your application using the new port (12345 in this examples).


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