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Application DeployCreate a .war file of a Mule Maven applicationCreate your first Mule applicationCreate your first Mule Maven application Deploy an application to Mule ESB on the command lineDeploy an application to Mule ESB using the Mule MMC admin consoleMove an application to a different application serverRedeploy an application to Mule ESBResolve Failed DeployRoll back to the prior version of an applicationUndeploy a Mule application on the command lineUndeploy a Mule application using the Mule MMC admin consoleCommandsGetting Started with the mule command line toolConnectorsTwitter ConnectorHeapAnalyze and respond to an out of memory heap dump on LinuxChange heap sizeInstallDownload and install Anypoint Studio in Linux Download and install Mule in Linux Install Mule as a service on TomcatLicenseLicenseMetaspaceChange perm gen metaspace sizePortChange the port being used by an application server Start Stop RestartStart Stop Restart application server