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How to deploy an application to Mule ESB

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  1. Sign into the Mule web console.
  2. Select the Deployments tab.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter the following:
    • Enter a Deployment name, which will probably be the application name
    • Upload New Application, and select the application (probably in zip format)
    • Select the JVMs that application will run on
    • Select Deploy



To ensure the deployment was successful, ensure the mule_ee.log file has a status of deployed and Started app and Mule is up and kicking.

+ New app ‘name-SNAPSHOT-001                             +

+ Started app ‘name-SNAPSHOT-001                         +


You can also check the /opt/MuleSoft/<jvm name>/apps directory, and there should be a directory listed matching the application name.

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