FreeKB - 0 How to download and install Pivotal tc Server on Linux
How to download and install Pivotal tc Server on Linux

The installation of TC Server will install the core functionality of TC Server. However, the installation of TC Server will not create any instances that clients can request. The creation of instances will be covered after the installation of TC Server.


  1. Download the RPM, zip, or tar.gz file for TC Server from Let say the .tar.gz file is downloaded.
  2. Extract the tar archive. Typically, the archive will be extracted to /etc or /opt.
~]# tar -xvf /home/john.doe/Downloads/pivotal-tc-server-standard-version.tar -C /opt


  1. The extracted archive will typically have a name that is not very user friendly, such as pivotal-tc-server-3.2.6-STANDARD. Use the move command to rename the directory, to make the directory name more user friendly.
~]# mv /opt/pivotal-tc-server-standard-version /opt/tc-server


The next steps, such as starting TC Server and creating an instance, require Java. If Java is not installed on the server, install Java.


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