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When error This section isn't available yet appears in One Note, it is very likely that the user recently moved to a new PC, and One Note is unable to sync from the old PC to the new PC.

Close and then relaunch One Note:

  1. In One Note, select File > Info.
  2. Select Settings > Close.
  3. Launch One Note.

Attempt to sync One Note on the new PC:

  1. In One Note, select File > Info > View Sync Status.
  2. Select Sync All.

Download using a web browser:

  1. In One Note, select File > Info.
  2. Right-click on the URL and select Copy. The URL will be something like: file:///C:/Users/%username%/Documents/OneNote%20Notebooks/My%20Notebook/
  3. Paste the URL into a web browser.
  4. The website should contain an listing of files, such as Select to download


Import in One Note:

  1. Go to your Downloads folder, and open the file in OneNote.

On the old PC, export each tab in One Note:

  1. On the old PC, launch One Note.
  2. Select File > Export.
  3. Export the tab to a file.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every tab in one note.
  5. Move every exported file to a network share.

On the new PC, import each One Note tab:

  1. On the new PC, launch One Note.
  2. Select File > Open.
  3. Select each file that was exported from the network share.

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