Resolve no option to update comments in Adobe Reader

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PCs may have version 2015.016.20039 of Adobe Reader DC. To determine the version of Adobe Reader on the PC:

  1. Open any PDF. This will launch Adobe Reader.
  2. Near the top of Adobe Reader, select Help > About Adobe Reader Acrobat DC. The version of Adobe Reader will be displayed.

In this example, the version is 2015.016.20039.


Version 2015.016.20039 of Adobe Reader lacks the ability to update a comment. In this example, there is a comment with the text TEST. When attempting to replace TEST with New Comment, there is no option to apply the change.


Version 2015.023.20053 of Adobe Reader does have the ability to update a comment. Version 2015.023.20053 includes the Post button. Clicking on the Post button applies the change.


If your computer has version 2015.016.20039 of Adobe Reader, installed a newer version of Adobe Reader DC.



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