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Authenticationget auth_token using curlcontainersdocker container ls command (list containers)docker cp command (copy)docker exec command (run a command in a container)docker ps command (processes)docker rm command (remove)docker start commandimagesbuild imagedocker create command (pull an image and create a container)docker images command (display images)docker pull command (download an image)docker rmi command (delete an image)docker run commandInstallInstall Docker on Linux CentOSInstall Docker on Windowsinstall docker-compose on Linuxuninstall Docker on Linux CentOSLogsdocker logs commandNetworkingdocker network command (connect a container to a network)docker network command (create a network on Linux)docker network command (remove a network)Secretsdelete secret using curldocker secret create commanddocker secret inspect commanddocker secret ls command (list secrets)docker secret rm command (remove secret)list secrets using curlStart Stop Restartstart stop restart Docker on Linux CentOSSwarmdocker swarm init commandVersiondocker version commandVolumes (storage)docker volume command (create a volume)