FreeKB - Docker docker secret rm command (remove secret)
Docker - docker secret rm command (remove secret)

A secret is a file that contains sensitive data, such as a password.

Let's say the docker secret ls command returns the following.

ID                          NAME               DRIVER        CREATED             UPDATED
pp6d206pqk28cj12kjv36l2v7   my_secret                        14 months ago       14 months ago
g6ab3l6qr9w5lt8puu3f971f5   foobar                           7 months ago        7 months ago
oxp56zzcssvptzdk214qv22l5   another_example                  5 months ago        5 months ago


The docker secret rm command will delete a secret. In this example, the secret with ID pp6d206pqk28cj12kjv36l2v7 is deleted.

docker secret rm pp6d206pqk28cj12kjv36l2v7


In this example, the secret named my_secret is deleted.

docker secret rm my_secret


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