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How to get started with Android Studio

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Android Studio is software used to create Android Apps. Follow these directions to install Android Studio.

  1. Go to and to download Android Studio.
  2. Run installer.exe.  Use the default prompts in the installer.

Note: You may need to also download and install the Java Development Toolkit.

In order for your Android device to work with Android Studio, you need to enable USB Debugging in your Android Device.

  1. On your Android Device, select Settings
  2. Select Developer Options
  3. Check-mark USB Debugging

You may also need to download and install the drivers for your Android.

In Android Studio, start a new blank project.

  1. In Android Studio, press Ctrl + Alt + S (or hover over File and select Settings).
  2. In the Settings dialog box, expand Build > Execution > Deployment > Compiler, and enter this information into Command-line Options: -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=2048m.
  3. Click on Apply, OK

Ensure your Android is connected to your computer with a USB cable. In the top navigation bar of Android Studio, click on the Play button. The choose device dialog box, select your device and select OK. In a couple moments, Hello World should appear on your Android.

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