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Eclipse - Install WindowBuilder GUI

Install Swing and SWT WindowBuilder

  1. In the top panel of Eclipse, select Help > Install New Software.
  2. In the Work with drop down, select*.
  3. Expand General Purpose Tools and check the following items:
    • Swing Designer
    • Swing Designer Documentation
    • SWT Designer
    • SWT Designer Core
    • SWT Designer Documentation
    • SWT Designer SWT_AWT Support
    • SWT Designer XWT Support (requires Eclipse WTP/WST)
    • TM Terminal via Remote API Connector Extensions
    • TM Terminal View Remote System Explorer add-in
    • Vagrant Tooling
    • WindowBuilder Core
    • WindowBuilder Core Documentation
    • WindowBuilder Core UI
    • WindowBuilder GroupLayout Support
    • WindowBuilder Java Core
    • WindowBuilder XML Core (requires Eclipse WTP/WST)
  1. Select Next.


  1. At Install Details, select Next.
  2. At Review Licenses, select I accept the terms of the license agreement and select Finish.

Create a new Swing project

  1. Select File > New > Other > Java Project.
  2. Name the project myJavaSwingProject and select Finish.
  3. In the left panel of Eclipse, right-click on the src folder and select 
  4. Select New > Other.
  5. Expand WindowsBuilder, expand Swing Designer,  select Application Window, and select Next.


  1. Give your project a name, such as mySwingApp, and select Finish. should now appear in the left panel of Eclipse.


  1. Select the Design tab, and the Swing WindowBuilder should be displayed.
  2. Click the green play button, and an empty Java GUI Window should be displayed.


You can also export the project to a jar file, and the run the jar, and the empty GUI window should be displayed. In this example, the jar file is run from a Linux command line, and the empty GUI is displayed.

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