Resolve "Address already in use" in Tomcat

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This error appears in the catalina.out file or when running the command.

~]# cat catalina.out
. . .
Caused by: Address already in use


This error suggests that Tomcat or TC Server could not bind a port to an IP address, because there is some other service is using the port. For example, if Tomcat is attempting to use port 443, but HTTPD has already used port 443 on the same server, then "Address already in use" will be displayed. First ensure that Tomcat is the only service using the port on the server.



If Tomcat is the only service using the port on the server, there may be some issue with Java. Determine the PID being used by Java.

~]# ps -ef | grep Java
12345 . . .


Kill the Java process using the -15 signal. 

~]# kill -15 12345


Start Tomcat or TC Server.

~]# $catalina_home/bin/



If the error persists, there may be some problem with one of the webapps. Debugging issues with a webapp typicall requires that you work with the application developer. There are far too many possible application issues to list here.

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